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​​​​​The WARRIOR PROGRAM is our own unique, achievement based program designed to educate our youth and their families on the importance of physical fitness in their regular routines.  Warrior Training Sessions (WTS) are hour long workouts that are designed by a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and change daily.  The CPT leads the workout with the help of assistants if the student to teacher ratio is over 8 (pre-registered).  Warriors will be guided through a variety of strength training and endurance exercises as well as rewarded with achievement stamps & metals as they progress through various stages of the program.  The suggested minimum age for the program is 9 as this is an hour long class that requires hard work and attention.   The workouts are challenging enough for adults, so parents are encouraged to workout with their kids.  It is designed to push you to your limits and teach gym fitness as you progress through the program! 

Before participating in regular WTS, members under the age of 15 will be required to complete an initiation training (up to 4 participants) with the Certified Personal Trainer to learn the basic exercises and cues that are expected during the training, as well as the proper and safe way to perform the exercises.  Upon the completion of the Initiation, the new Warrior will be given their Warrior Book and Leather Cuff that they will later decorate with their achievements as they reach goals throughout the program. 

WARRIOR JR was created for those who are either a bit younger (elementary age), need more attention and practice on form or have special needs.  This class typically lasts 45 minutes to an hour.  The trainer spends more time and attention with the students while guiding them through the daily exercises.  There is 1 less station in the junior class as well. 


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