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At K Fix Studios, we believe that true success is about more than growing the organization.  Extenuating circumstances that have influenced my life and changed my path in so many ways have given me the passion to give back.  In addition to offering sliding scale scholarships to local families in need, as well as sponsoring local schools and sports leagues, when the business becomes profitable, a portion of the profits from our business will be donated to causes close to our heart, such as making our bus stops lit and safe for our children (in memory of my stepson), helping widows with young or school age children get back on their feet again and helping families with special needs children afford some of the extra costs that they encounter, or for something that may brighten their child's day (in honor of a dear friend's daughter, Madison).  K-Fix Studios will also provide scholarships to our Warrior Program for deserving families  that meet our criteria.  See the section on WARRIOR SCHOLARSHIPS for more details!


Giving back - Our Warrior foundation

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​K-Fix Studios is a youth & family fitness training facility.  We focus on building age appropriate workouts specialized for kids, teens and families with our own achievement based Warrior Training Program.    We also offer a variety of Group Fitness options hosted by our local entrepreneurial instructors. 



The Warrior Training Room is our Cardiovascular and Strength  Room.  The room is equip with a variety of treadmills, FreeStriders, rowers, bikes, free weights and a large fitness cage with everything from boxing, suspension trainers, battle ropes, monkey bars, a rebounder and more.  This is where we hold our Warrior Training Sessions (WTS).    The Warrior Training Room is also available for open gym workouts when Warrior Training Sessions are not in progress.

Our WARRIOR PROGRAM was developed to teach our youth and their families the importance of an active lifestyle and to introduce gym fitness into their regular routines, during a time where technology seems to have taken the place of regular activity. They will learn how to respect their bodies as they are guided through the 12 levels of achievement in the program . They will be surrounded by professional trainers and assistants to keep their workouts fresh, stimulating and ever changing. The program will teach limits and values, as well as provide a healthy balance between “All or Nothing”.  

Our 60-minute Warrior Sessions can accommodate up to 32 students, broken down into teams of no more than 4.  Participants will be grouped in teams with equal capabilities.   Each Warrior Training Session will combine muscle strength and endurance, balance, core and cardiovascular exercises. Participants under 16 must complete an initiation process before being aloud to participate in the WTS, to ensure proper form and safety. The initiation consists of a training with a Certified Personal Trainer (where our professionals will assess, correct, and teach proper form and safety of each piece of equipment). The personal trainer will spend time evaluating each student leading them through the many exercises that will be asked of them when they participate in WTS.  At the completion of the initiation session, they will be given their Warrior Cuff and Warrior Achievement Book which they will use to keep track of their progress in the program. 

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Our Group Fitness Room offers a variety of classes taught by local entrepreneurial professional instructors.  The room is equip for yoga, barre, pilates, Zumba, ballet, private dance, martial arts and more.  Class costs vary according to the instructor.

Note: Please check for the most recent schedule of classes on the MindBody App.


Need a drink or a healthy snack after a workout?  Enjoy a real fruit smoothie at the bar!  Your whole family will be comfortable relaxing in our lounge area while waiting for the family to finish their class.  Our studio lounge is also available for private party rental.  Inquire within for details.