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K-Fix Studios Scholarship Program is designed to give those people who may not be able to financially afford the programs we offer and that suffer from difficulties close to our hearts, the ability to take advantage of the services we provide.  At any given time, there are up to 50 scholarships available to local residents of the Martin County area whom lost a parent due to death or abandonment, have special needs, are at risk for heart disease or other weight related illnesses or those whom suffer from anxiety and/or depression. 

​If you feel that your family may benefit from our program and may qualify for assistance, please fill out the application below.  Scholarships are granted and reviewed on a 90 day basis.  In order to keep your scholarship in good standing, kids and teens must visit the studio a minimum of twice per week.  A parent may be required to join, a minimum of 1 time per week as it promotes a healthy family environment.  We can't expect our children to keep up an active, healthy lifestyle if they do not see mom and dad doing the same thing!  Please be prepared to show proof of income if you are granted a scholarship.   The amount of the scholarship granted will be determined according to income level. 

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