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​2 HOUR STUDIO RENTAL W/HOST(ESS)                                 $325


​EXTRA HOUR(S)                  ​                                              $75/hr 

ADD AN EXTRA CLASS & HOUR                                 $100

WARRIOR BASH                                                        $50


​*Contact us for more info on food, DJ/music or other custom requirements.

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​​​​​​​​K-Fix Studios offers Private Studio Rentals for different occasions.  Our Studio Lounge, Smoothie Bar and 800 sqft Group Fitness Room are available for Birthday Parties, Dances, Showers or any other occasion that may be a fit for the space.  The basic studio rental includes 2 hours to yourself in the studio with 1 party host/ess, balloon decorations and a class.  Classes have a typical capacity of 20.  The studio can comfortably hold 50-75 guests.  You can add extra group fitness classes (hula hooping, trampoline, BeatFit, yoga, poi, belly dancing, etc) extra time, DJ music, or upgrade to a WARRIOR BASH for preteen and teens.  The WARRIOR BASH would require participants to be a minimum age of 9.  They will be competing in a variety of Warrior Training Exercises set up in an obstacle course.  Please contact us for custom arrangements and more information!