My name is Michelle D Howe (the D stands for Diane).  I added the D because there are many people on the web with my name.  You can find some of my antics and family at #HoweAwesome.   I'm an author, speaker and leadership coach who loves the Lord!  Also, as of November 2016, I am a certified Holy Yoga instructor.  I'm a GenXer who was laid off from my college job at the age of 25 and was also pregnant with my first child, so I became a Mompreneur.  I built two direct sales businesses from 1997 to 2009, did some freelance marketing/PR and some event planning in between too.  

In 2009, life kind of fell apart and I began training to run/walk my first half marathon.  My first race was the Disney Princess Marathon in 2010.   In 2011, I began blogging at  Since then, I have written three books, ran (ok I mostly walked) a full marathon, earned a Black Belt in Taekwondo (took 3 years) and helped countless people rise up and build confidence and purpose so they can move forward in their lives.

I've been married for 20 years to my husband, Mark, who is the real "Dusty Crophopper".  Yes, he is a crop duster.  We have two girls.  They are gorgeous and we question if they came from us.   My oldest daughter is a baton twirler so if you follow me on Instagram, you may see her in action.  In January 2016, we started a ministry together called "Twirl for God".  Its been fun encouraging twirlers, coaches and families to place God at the center of their twirl world.  My youngest daughter is a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo and can kick some serious booty.  I don't mess with her too much.  She has also taken interest in drama at school and loves to dance.  Our family loves to have fun and we love to serve the Lord.  Our family verse in 1 Peter 4:10 that says, "God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts.  Use them well to serve one another."

I pray that through my blog I can encourage you to rise up from your past failures, hurts and disappointments to build a life and business that leads with confidence and purpose.  I'm committed to be authentic in sharing my failures and the wisdom gained from them.  Also, my hope is you will be encouraged to let go of what might be holding you back from living the life God designed for you to live.   

My name is Stephanie.  I am a proud mother of an amazing little boy, who has Autism and I wouldn't change him for the world! He has taught me just as much as I teach him, and I feel honored to be his mother! I have had a life-long love of music and dance. I have been working with children for 10 years, as a preschool teacher and also a nanny, when I found and fell in love with the Zumbini program; and I feel blessed to be able to share this fresh, new music and movement experience with families around the community!



​​​​​Hi!  I am Kerrie Sheldon, Owner & Founder of K-Fix Studios.  I am so excited to introduce the  K-Fix Studios Brand that Mosa (my Fitness Director) and I created! 

​A bit about me...

​I was born and raised in Leominster, Massachusetts, a small town about 50 miles west of Boston.  I  graduated from Boston College's Carroll School of Management in 1998 with a degree in Marketing Management.  After College, I spent 5 1/2 years selling Canon network office equipment, followed by 2 years selling dental practice management software and digital radiography software and hardware for Kodak Dental Systems.  I spent a year as Owner & Operator of the Boston APA Franchise before I decided to relocate to the Treasure Coast, FL with the man whom I later married, Mark.  Real Estate seemed to be the career of choice in 2005 so I decided to get my Real Estate License and became the Relocation Specialist for the local Treasure Coast HCA Hospitals.  My husband's son also came to live with us for a few years and I was later blessed with 2 daughters, Makenzie and Bailey.  My husband and I also owned and operated East Coast Computer Solutions, a local computer network company specializing in Dental Practices.

Unfortunately, our lives took a tragic and unexpected turn.  My family experienced the sudden and unforeseen loss of my girls' brother, Jorden (my stepson), then their father a few years later.  I also had a health scare of my own (a brain tumor) and recovery from the craniotomy.  I literally woke up one day and my world had crumbled.  I was physically and mentally drained.  My body had put on nearly 90 lbs since our move to Florida.  I had 2 little girls and  had lost everything from a large portion of my family to my health, my home and my career.   I was leaning on my parents for assistance at the age of  36 and was broken to say the least.  I had a choice to make.  That day, I chose to be a Warrior and battle through, for not only my children, but myself. 

Over the next few years, I learned a tremendous deal about becoming whole again as a person.  As my mind and body healed, key aspects that I had learned such as patience, persistence and strength were left engrained in my mind.  As time passed and I was able to re-introduce physical fitness into my life (when I met Mosa), my own attitude, confidence and overall happiness began to shine.   I was fortunate enough that my parents could help me for the few years I needed to heal.  But it was time for me to fend on my own.  That is when the idea for a youth fitness center came to me.  My girls were now growing older and I wanted a place they could be with me.  Fitness had revived me in so many ways.  My girls saw this and often wanted to join.  There were few if any places I could bring them to work out and if I did find a place, it was geared for adults.  It was from this point, forward, I set out to create a brand of fitness centers with the focus centered around our youth, that was not only in a comfortable environment, but was also safe, fun, educational and effective.  After analyzing both successful and not so successful fitness centers, youth gymnastics facilities, dance and karate centers, Mosa and I combined what we had learned and came up with what we think is an innovative youth fitness studio offering both fun group fitness classes and our exclusive Warrior Cardiovascular and Strength Achievement Program!




Carol Sheldon
​Vice president


Mosa riccardi
​studio director
​certified fitness trainer

​​​​​​I began exercising after the birth of my second son. Like most new moms after childbirth, I was not feeling at my best, so I found a gym where many other moms went to take classes and bond. About a year into my fitness journey, my husband died of a massive heart attack and I was left with my 2 sons, Ron who was 3 years old and Sam who was only 1.  I discovered shortly after his death, that both of my sons also had extremely raised cholesterol levels. I knew that if I didn’t make a lifestyle change for all of us, more heartbreak could come down the road. Along with healthier food choices, I continued my exercise journey to lead by example for my children.  It didn’t take me long to find a passion for exercise and a need to be a mentor for those who were still on their own journeys, so I became an instructor. I pride myself in learning everything that I can to be able to guide and teach those who participate with me. I’ve been a mentor in the industry for 13 years. I have had the honor of leading fitness classes in formats including indoor cycling, sculpt and toning, step aerobics, bootcamp, HIIT, kickboxing, mat pilates, aqua fitness and silver sneakers. My favorite part of this job was being able to motivate and inspire people towards a stronger appreciation for themselves.  When I became a representative with Fitour, I had the pleasure of mentoring and training many potential cycle instructors and handing them certification to motivate their own classes.  I held the position of Aerobics Director with both LA Fitness and Gold's Gym. Wanting more out of the industry, I became a licensed NASM Personal Trainer and enjoyed training one on one. I am now looking forward to combining my skills as a Mom, a Manager, a Group Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer to create a more positive, exciting and effective workout program that not only big people can benefit from.  After getting to know Kerrie and her idea for a Youth Fitness Center, I was excited and honored to be able to create a fitness program filled with real training and group classes that not only challenge the body, but are creative and fun for youth and their families.




Kerrie Sheldon
​President & founder

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​​​​Carol Sheldon is our Vice President and Certified Food Preparation Manager.  She was born in Brooklyn, NY and lived most of her life in Massachusetts, before relocating to Florida.  She holds a Bachelors Degree in Science, a Master's Degree in Psychology, a Certification in Advanced Graduate Studies for Career Occupational Education and she is certified to be a school psychologist and principle.  She spent 34 years teaching all areas of Elementary Education.  During her time as an educator, she held the positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer of the WTA Teacher's Union.   She co-owned Lancaster A-1 Auto Body with her husband, Bob, for over 30 years during which time she was awarded Young Business Woman of the Year.

​During her free time, Carol enjoys traveling the world, whether by land or sea.  She has visited over 60 countries during her adventures.  She also loves spending time with her grand daughters, Makenzie & Bailey.  She also loves to participate in Zumba and getting involved in new ventures.

Hello! We are the Zumba Team of Caroline & Shannon! We love teaching Zumba Fitness classes. The reason is simple. Every class feels like a party! Come join us and you'll see what we mean. You don't even have to know how to dance. Just move your body and follow our lead. It's easy! Come try it - we guarantee you will have a blast! We look forward to meeting you!

I (Caroline) have been teaching classes off and on for almost 6 years and I haven't lost my love for the fitness program it offers!  I am certified in Zumba, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Kids & Jr, Zumba Sentao and Zumba Toning! 

​I (Shannon) have been teaching since early 2017.  I am certified in Zumba, Zumba Kids & Jr!


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